Board Certified Pediatric Nurse Practitioner & Pediatric Primary Care Mental Health Specialist

Sasha grew up on woody acreage in Woodinville, Washington. There was a year round stream flowing through the property, artesian spring water, and five ponds filled with fish, eels, and frogs. Her street was named Little Bear Creek Road- do you see where we got our name? She spent her entire childhood roaming forest and gardens, jumping from trees via rope swings, building secret forts in the forest, picking wild huckleberries, and exiting a high tree fort via zip line. Had there been American Ninja Warrior at that time, she would have enrolled.

In 1998, Sasha began working at Seattle Children’s Hospital as a Registered Nurse. She knew immediately that working with children was a passion. While attending the University of Washington, she chose to pursue the Pediatric Nurse Practitioner Master’s program, because the focus was entirely pediatrics. Sasha did each of her 8 clinical rotations in primary care clinics around Seattle. In addition to primary care, she worked as a Registered Nurse at Seattle Children’s Hospital in the areas of oncology, medical and surgical units, and the Emergency Department. She also did volunteer medical work with homeless youth in Seattle.

Sasha began working as a Pediatric Nurse Practitioner in 2002 at the Children’s Clinic in Portland, Oregon. She worked there for 4 years and received excellent mentor-ship with a large group of physicians. Since moving to Spokane, Sasha has worked at several pediatric primary care clinics, prior to the opening of Bear Creek Pediatrics. As of 2020, Sasha has over 22 years of working in pediatrics!

Sasha is married and has three children, two cats, and a beehive. Her family spends a good amount of time involved in soccer, along with school and church activities. Additionally, Sasha enjoys biking, travel, gardening, and reading. In fact, roaming the library to bring home an arm load of books might be one of her favorite self care activities! If you ever need recommendations on books for kids of any age, just ask!

Sasha truly loves every age and stage of childhood development! She strives to provide excellent health care guidance and treatment for children and families. Sasha is Board Certified as Certified Pediatric Primary Care Nurse Practitioner, and as Pediatric Primary Care Mental and Behavior Health Specialist.